Quadratto 04

  • Furniture washbasin QUADRATTO to floor 100 width x 45,5 depth x76 high one drawer + two drawers. Structure steel Black.Box and fronts Castaño Natural. Handle L Black
  • Countertop MARGANA Natural Marble Carrara 101 x 46 cm. left bowl with hole tap
  • Mirror AMOENS 98 width x 68 high Fresno Natural
  • Auxiliary QUADRATTO with structure 44 width x 25 depth x115 high one door. Structure steel Black. Box and fronts Castaño
  • Open cube MERA 30 width x 15f fond x 30 haut. Structure stel Black. Back Castaño Natural (4 units)
  • Auxiliary table SELENE 37 width x 47 high. Base Natural Marble Negro Marquina. Structure steel Black