In 1982, guided by D. Antonio Moya Minguez and Dña. Ana María García Escarbajal there was founded with a great illusion a familiar small enterprise, a handcrafted workshop, which from the first moment it bet for an innovative attitude that was offering in every moment what the clients demand, giving services of the best quality, an attitude characterized by the constant work and illusion that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Group Mogar has experienced a wonderful growth, thanks to the constant investment in I+D+i that joined with the delicate and careful work of the craftsman, has managed to taking on board in the sector of baths furniture, together with his added value of “made-to-measure, exclusive and personalized furniture ”.

“The idea is not to live forever, it is to create something that will”

Andy Warhol

Florián Moreno


“Discovering is to see in a different way what nobody has perceived”
-Ricardo Piglia.

Florián Moreno realized his studies of Industrial Design in the School of Applied arts and artistic Trades of Valencia and in 1.989 he opened his own study DISEÑOIN DUSTRIAL in Yecla, beginning his journey as a Independent Designer, with projects related to the habitat both at home level and by its facilities.

His principal area of work focuses on the Furniture Sector, realizing projects for national companies. It begins his collaboration as designer with Muebles Mogar in 1.999, creating the versions Adriá and Aloa, and later on the Milenium , Magazine and Harmonic Collections , being these the first ones of a long list of designs.

He is an anxious and energetic person, he develops his creations with a strong functional character and following the last trends, which has led to success collections like 2D3 and TIK TAK between others.

His philosophy is based on the constant investigation and innovation on the design, being reflected in his projects.


  • In 1989, he opens INDUSTRIAL DESIGN study in Yecla, as a independent Designer.
  • The principal working area is located in the sector of the Furniture, where he realizes works for national companies.
  • Currently he realizes projects that are related to the habitat, both household level and amenities.

Mogar Team

Inside the Mogar´s Design Equipment, the creativity becomes clear, stamping the lines of design more forefront on its collections. Dedication, caress and many ideas can result vibrant projects full of dynamism, which year after year overcome with every new collection.

“The artist is mediocre when he reasons instead of feeling”
-Gustave Le Bon.

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In Mibaño we fulfill the highest standards of quality that is why all our products have a guarantee of 2 years.. Our internal quality control guarantees the quality of all the processes of production carried out.
Between the certifications of our products we can find the IP44, CE, Waste treatment, PEFC and FSC.

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“The best is yet to come”