Remembering CEVISAMA 2017

 In Ferias

Under the banner THANK YOU FOR BEING UNIQUE, THANK YOU FOR BEING SPECIAL, THANK YOU FOR BEING MIBAÑO DESIGN, last year at these days we were with great enthusiasm preparing what it was the exhibition of our new collections in CEVISAMA fair, resulting in a stand, that does not leave indifferent to anybody. Got dressed to celebrate for the occasion and more than 20 environments, they had the opportunity of being contemplated by more than 1000 visitors and we would like to thanked their assist greatly and their attention on the firm.

We can highlight successful our collections, TWIST, PENTOS, POEME, unique collections with a great personality. It is accompanied by washbasins in Cristalplant, it is a new material with great features ( you can find it on COMPLEMENTS and WORKTOP section).

Moreover, we submit the melaminico ended collections, antibacterial materials, more than 10  different ended, oaks and skin effect and textured designs with loads of possibilities and a fully integrated handle on the furniture. ( PERFECTION, MAGICAL, VELICE, FASCINO…)

Oak and seghatto benches are total success and this is why we introduce special benches taking advantage of the new washbasins in optical glass ( LAVABO GLASS) and an ultra fine ceramic (LAVABO LATERRA Y LEPIETRE) imitating colours of nature. It is a marvel for the senses.

Among all the new collections, we reserve an area to represent our collection called OSHLO, an icon where available to Mibaño, oak washed furniture, its structure and shape invite us to contemplate it and enjoy each line.

From Cevisama fair we benefit from many important operations on international level, but which with we kept was with each person that visit us and could learn more about ourself as well our team as our work.

We are also grateful the hard work of our designer Florian Moreno, unconditional, great partner and exceptional professional and person.

So nowadays remembering those days with a big smile, we can only wish a great fair for everyone, much success and one more time thank you for being Mibaño design.

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